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ABC Manpower is also a supplier of Household Workers. We require all our workers to undergo training. We have tied-up with the best  Technical and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) licensed training centers, wherein they are being trained, not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but in terms of attitude as well. That’s why our training include personality enhancement, right manners, and attitude refinement, how to avoid homesickness, and emotional preparation.


Our skills training is composed of the following courses:

  • Chinese Cooking Lesson
  • Cantonese Language Lesson especially for elderly
  • Home Safety
  • How to Properly take care the Newly-born Baby and Children
    (like proper bathing, feeding, dealing with their tantrums, child motivation, & child tutoring)
  • How to Take care the Elderly and Bed-ridden
  • Proper Marketing: How to choose fresh vegetables, fish, and meat, and how to check the expiration of foods and goods
  • How to Manage the Refrigerator and How to Promote Kitchen Hygiene
  • How to Do Proper Cleaning, Housekeeping, and Bed setting
  • How to Do Proper Table Setting and Food Serving
  • Proper Clothes Washing, Ironing, and Segregation according to Fabric
  • How to Use the latest Electrical Appliances
  • Proper Car Washing
  • English Communication Enhancement

We have a strong mind setting training. Aside from the physical, hands-on, experiential learning, our company also believes in mind setting- an attitude training that will let the household workers be emotionally and psychologically prepared and be focused on their job overseas, and they could give a dedicated whole-hearted service. Our mind-setting courses include:

  • How to Become a Good Household Worker
  • The Right Attitudes and Good Manners
  • How to Avoid Termination
  • Maintaining personal and work hygiene
  • Do’s and Don'ts of a Good Household Worker

 We can arrange specialized trainings based on employer’s requests and standards.

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