1. Prepare an updated resume. Please make sure of the following reminders:

a) Photo. Attach a presentable 2 x 2 photo, preferably white background.

If you are applying for Hospitality industry (Hotel & Restaurant positions) or as Executive Secretary, attach also a whole body photo wearing a corporate attire.

b) Job Description. Indicate a complete job description or duties and responsibilities of your previous and present experiences.

c)  Highlight Big Projects. If you are an Engineer or working in the Construction and Engineering industry, indicate and highlight those big projects you have worked with. Be specific about the project details.

d) Sample works / Portfolio. If you are applying as an artist or designer that requires sample work, attach together with your resume, or send a link to your portfolio. This might be applicable for the following categories

  • Graphic Artists
  • Web Designers
  • Photographers
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • AUTO CAD Draftsmen
  • Cake Artist / Decorators
  • Pastry Makers
  • Flower Arrangers

e) Contact Numbers. Give at least two mobile or contact numbers. Indicate also your email address.


2. Email to us your resume in MS WORD format. Other formats are not acceptable. Do not email in pdf or jpeg. You may also attach photos (jpeg) and other documents, such as passport copy, Employment Certifications, Training Certificates, license copy, portfolio, etc.

3. You will then be invited for a PRE-SCREENING (Personal) Interview at our office. The schedule may varies depends on job category. The interview invitation will be sent out thru SMS or phone call.

4. Once you are shortlisted, you will be invited for an Employer’s Personal Interview. Other procedure would be discussed during the employer’s interview orientation.

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