1. The employer must send to us their Business Proposal or Letter of Intent, together with their Job Order / Manpower Request Letter. The employer must indicate all the current and future job positions that they need, include the employee’s salary & compensation package, benefits, and their qualifications. For complete information guide, the employer may fill-up also our own Job Order Manpower Request Details format, which is available upon request.

2. Discussion on the Terms and Agreement.

3. Once the Terms and Agreement has been approved by both parties, accreditation at the Philippine Embassy shall commence.

4. While accreditation is on-process, the employer may begin to shortlist candidates.

5. Once the accreditation has been approved in the designated Philippine Embassy, and in POEA Manila, the employer may now start the personal interview of the short listed candidates in Manila.

6. If ever personal interview is not possible, ABC Manpower has video conferencing facilities that can be used as an alternative.