Please comply the following and submit to the nearest Philippine Embassy. If you do not have any formats yet, please send us an email.

  1.  Job Order/Manpower Request addressed to ABC Manpower from your company
  2.  Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
  3.  Recruitment Agreement
  4.  Master Employment Contract of your company for the employees 
    Note: All pages should bear the signature of the official company signatory, together with the company seal.
  5.  ABC Manpower License (Pls request to us for a copy)
  6.  Your company Business License / Registration with authorized signatory’s passport copy
  7.  English Translation of your Business License / Registration (for Arabic countries)



Complete the above-mentioned requirements.

  1.  Photocopy all for three (3) sets each.
  2.  Submit to the nearest Philippine Embassy.
  3.  Once released from Philippine Embassy, inform us immediately first.


Scan and email to us, then send all the originals.

  1.  All the original accreditation documents approved by the Philippine Embassy will be submitted by ABC Manpower in POEA Manila.
  2.  Once accreditation is released, we will give you a copy of the approval.


For any questions and clarifications, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.